Republican National Convention


Republican National Convention – August 27th – 30th, 2012

Come to the PA-NMC sponsored breakfast. Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll will be the guest speaker. More info and speakers to come soon...

John McNally


Support John McNally for State Senator in Lancaster. McNally

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About PA-NMC


Founded in 1997 in partnership with the Republican State Committee, the New Majority Council seeks to capitalize on the current momentum of the Republican Party and reflect the Party’s modern vision to expand and diversify the base of the Pennsylvania Republican Party

The Council seeks to achieve this goal by engaging in the consecutive areas of activities:

  • GRASSROOTS: Broad grassroots outreach efforts to increase the Party base by promoting the inclusion in the Party of traditionally under-represented groups and affiliations.
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Identification, preparation and promotion of a diversified and talented pool of future candidates and leaders within the Party.
  • FINANCE: Fundraising events hosted by the New Majority Council Statewide to support Office candidates. Creation of a PA-NMC financial method Statewide to support the projects and candidacies consistent with the New Majority Council’s mission and ideals.

For more information see: PA-NMC Guidelines page.



Romney pals slam Obama, stumble on fair pay for women


With President Obama’s re-election campaign set to court female voters at a star-studded Philadelphia event this evening, Mitt Romney's campaign attempted to change the conversation this morning.  Romney’s camp sent Chester County Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh and Renee Amoore, deputy chairwoman of …

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GOP Tries to Woo Hispanics


Congressional Republicans and Mitt Romney's presidential campaign are working to fashion proposals that could make up ground with Hispanic voters, concerned rhetoric on immigration from many in the party is turning away the increasingly powerful constituency...


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